Waiting List Agreement

Waiting List Now Open

In order to be placed on our waiting list for available kittens, you must agree to the following;

* There is no deposit required to be placed on the W&P waitlist however, we ask that you notify W&P immediately upon deciding that you no longer would like to be on the waiting list. This would be a courtesy to W&P and other families waiting for a kitten.
*  Available and/or upcoming litters will be shared via whiskersandpawscattery.com. You may also reach us via social media by clicking on the IG or FB page directly from our website. 
* The waiting list is first come, first served. The website will list your current standing by displaying your First Name and first initial of your last name. The list will be updated bi-weekly.
* W&P will email those on the waiting list via BreederPro. If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours, you will not be added to the waiting list. 
NOTE: IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED IN A KITTEN AFTER THE NOTIFICATION OF AVAILABLE KITTENS VIA BreederPro, PLEASE RESPOND SHOWING IMMEDIATE INTEREST TO THE NOTICE WITHIN 24 HOURS. AT THAT POINT, SHOULD YOU LIKE TO RESERVE A KITTEN A DEPOSIT OF $500.00 WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE FULLY COMMITTED TO PURCHASING A KITTEN FROM W&P. The deposit is non-refundable however, you may choose to wait for another upcoming litter and the $500.00 deposit will be applied to the kitten of your choice. If you choose to neglect to respond to W&P about a kitten being offered, the kitten will be moved to the next in line. 
*The balance must be paid in full prior to the Kitten leaving the cattery via PayPal, Zelle, Cash or Western Union. 
*Once the Kitten is ready for pick-up and you do not show up at your scheduled time a room and boarding fee will apply of $25.00 per day. 
* You may see your kitten by appointment only after the Kitten has been vaccinated or at minimum 8 weeks old. Face time is also an option with no age restrictions with a pre-schedule call appointment. 
* Kitten delivery options available at buyers' expense, however pick up is preferred. 


W&P Disclaimer: Waiting list agreement rules subject to change to meet industry standards. 


Waiting List

1. Jennifer B. *

2. Jaqueline C. *

3. Jenia B. *

4. Christina S. *

​5. Kat L. *

6. Heather E. *

7. Tyler S. *

8. Kaylyn D. *

9. Jenn S. *

10. Renee K. *

11. Samantha S. *

12. Laura J. *

13. Alexis C.* 

14. Heather B. * 

15. Brianna H. 8

16. Jenny T. *