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Our Story

WHISKERS & PAWS Cattery is located in Canyon Lake, CA which is located in Southern California. WHISKERS & PAWS is a registered cattery with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association). Our focus is raising healthy kittens which is why our Kings and Queens undergo thorough genetic testing prior to placing them in a breeding program. The testing of our Kings and Queens consists of HCM, SMA, PKDEF, FIV/FELV among others such as Giardia and TF-Foetus. We also test for genetics that provides pedigree analysis for development of the Maine Coon breed.

When you are ready to take one of our Whiskers (Males) or Paws (Females) your kitten is guaranteed against any life-threatening genetic defect for one year from the date of sale and three days against any contagious diseases from the date of sale.

Something personal about me (Susie Robles), is that I am a Maine Coon mommy first and a breeder second. In 2016 I began my search in finding a Maine Coon kitten and I ended up with three! One just was not enough. While researching the breed and looking for my kitten, I experienced many emotions. The legitimacy of who was on the other line not to mention how nervous one can get. In addition, sadly I experienced taking a kitten home for him to pass away suddenly in my arms while snuggling. The Veterinarian performed a necropsy for me to find answers. He crossed the rainbow due to a heart deformity. I was heartbroken. I am a breeder, and I am also a pet owner. I understand the buyer 100%. Honesty and healthy kittens are what I bring and of course, JOY! 

Whiskers & Paws are looking for a forever loving home!

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